Frequently Asked Questions.

The Enchanted Garden has been growing and changing since 2009, and this year is no exception. From our humble beginnings at Exeter Castle to our colossal expansion at Shobrooke Park, we’ve had everything from beat-boxers to helicopters, secret bars to slides. 

This year we present two brand new venues fresh from Enchanted ideas factory. But that’s not all, we’ve mixed it up and jazzified each and every area of the garden, and all that’s in-between. Read our FAQ's for the information you are going to need.

After you have read the FAQ's, if you still have a question, hit us up on social media or complete the contact form at the foot of this page, including your name, email address and mobile number so we can get you hold of you in a timely fashion.

General Info.

+ What is this 'Enchanted Garden Ball' I’ve heard so much about?

The Enchanted Garden Ball is the Official Summer Ball for Exeter University students. Nestled in an idyllic lakeside venue the event brings together an eclectic mix of music, entertainment, immersive theatre and games to celebrate the end of the academic year and the official start to the summer. Set under the stars this is a wonderfully formal soiree on a mini festival site.

+ Where is this Garden?

The Enchanted Garden Ball 2018 will be held in the beautiful lakeside gardens of Shobrooke Park Country House. Set in 800 acres of rolling hills and woodland the house, built in 1820, now plays host a select handful of festivals and private events and will be the new home of the EGB. Here’s the address: Shobrooke Park, Crediton, Devon, EX17 1DG

+ What if it rains? This is Devon after all.

We’ve made a pact with the Mayans and they assure us it will not rain. Just in case they’re pulling a fast one we have plenty of cover for all guests. A lot of our garden games are outside so please come prepared to embrace the weather, come rain or shine. There is a cloakroom so you can store any unwanted Macs for a mere £2. All items left in the cloak room are left at your own risk.

+ What do I need to get in?

All you need to gain entry to the event will be Photographic ID and your EGB wristband.

+ Can non-Exeter Students attend?

The Garden is open to all Students and everyone can purchase a ticket through the same ticket link. However all non-Exeter Students will need to be accompanied by an Exeter Student upon entry to the Garden.

+ What do I wear?

The Garden has seen many-a-garb in it’s time. From top hats to steel toe caps, all is welcome. The dress code is ‘Wonderfully Formal’. Interpret that as you will, be dress to impress with your expression at your discretion

+ What time does it start/finish?

The Garden opens at 7pm to make the most of the beautiful surroundings. Last entry into the Garden 10pm and tickets will not be valid after this time. The gates will shut at 2.30am with the last coach returning to Exeter at this time.

+ Will there be cash machines on site?

Yes there will be cash machines on site although there will be a charge for transactions. These are always popular so make sure you bring plenty of cash with you. Drinks prices will start from £3 and food will also be available to purchase with items starting at £3.50.

Ticket Info.

+ What is a ticket exchange and do I need to go?

To help make your entrance into The Garden a swift one we ask all gardeners to exhcnage their E-Tickets for a souvenir EGB wristband. All ticket holders must exchange their E-Ticket for a wristband before attending the event.

+ Where and when can I collect my exchanged ticket for the EGB?

There will be three ticket exchanges held in the week leading up to the event. Exchanges will be at the following times & location:

+ What do I need to bring to prove I’m me?

All you will need to collect your EGB ticket is a valid form of photo ID. I.E Driving License or Passport. You may also be ID’d upon entry to the event.

+ Do I need a ticket?

Yes, you will need to bring you Fixr E-Ticket to collect your wristband.

+ How many tickets can I buy?

You can purchase up to 10 tickets in a single transaction.

+ Can my friend collect my ticket?/Can I collect my friends ticket?

Yes you can. Your friend will need to transfer their ticket to your Fixr account. This can now be done through the FIXR App. Fully digital transfer - no printing of tickets required! Here's how...

+ How do I transfer a ticket to a friend?

For those of your looking to sell your tickets or transfer multiple purchases to your friends, this can now be done through the FIXR App. Fully digital transfer - no printing of tickets required! Here's how...

  1. Download the free FIXR app on iOS or Android ( If you bought your tickets online, make sure you login to the app using the same account details initially used for purchasing your ticket/s.
  2. Select the 'My Profile' section in the app and choose the ticket you wish to transfer.
  3. Press the ‘Transfer tickets to a friend' button at the bottom of the ticket.
  4. Choose how many tickets you want to transfer.
  5. Send your unique transfer link to your friend.

The tickets your are transferring will disappear from your account once they are claimed by your friend. Once claimed, your friend will hold a ticket directly and their name will be on the list of attendees. Any payment for the transfer of tickets should be organised by you with your friend.

Important: Please don’t share the unique transfer link with anyone except the friend you wish to transfer tickets to. Multiple transfers will invalidate the tickets.

Any further questions please email:

+ I can’t find my E-Ticket. Help!

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Log into Fixr using the details you entered when purchasing your ticket.
  3. Once logged in your name will appear in the top right hand side of the screen.
  4. Click on the drop down next to your name and select ‘Your Bookings’ from the list. Now you can download your ticket ready for printing. Voilà! If this doesn’t work please contact us.

Travel Info.

+ Where can I buy travel tickets?

Travel tickets can be purchased alongside standard entry tickets. Click here for the ticket page.


Travel tickets can be collected at any of the ticket exchanges listed below. You will need your E-Ticket and a valid form of ID. You will not be allowed to board the coaches without having exchanged your travel ticket. You will be emailed further information regarding tickets exchanges closer to the event. Exchanges will be at the following times & location:


All coaches depart from Perry Road outside the Washington Singer building on Campus. You must arrive at least 10 minutes before the your departure time, if you miss your allotted coach you will not be given a seat on a later departure.

+ What about RETURN TRAVEL?

Coaches will be running on a shuttle basis from the Garden back to Exeter from 11pm. If you’re a ‘lights-on’ player the last coach will be returning to Exeter at 2.30am. THERE MAY BE A WAIT TIME. PLEASE WRAP UP WARM as you may have to wait outside for a short while.

+ How long will I have to wait for a coach?

At peak times you may have to wait for up to an hour. We have 24 coaches working as shuttles. We will try to get people on coaches as quick as possible but please be patient and look after your fellow man.

+ Is there a toilet on the coach?

There may not be a toilet on the coach so please relieve yourself before boarding.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the coaches and any bootleggers may be searched and alcohol will be confiscated. You may be searched by our friendly security and steward team. If you refuse consent to a search you may be refused entry to the event.


There will be no provision made for parking at the garden and for other gardeners’ safety we strongly recommend you do not attempt to drive to the event. Why not have a beer and catch the coach, tickets are available here.

If you are arriving by Taxi you will be dropped approximately 100m from the Garden Gates so please be prepared for a short walk. Any Taxi’s returning to Exeter after the event will also be available from this drop-off point.

We advise booking taxi's early as they get very busy during this period.

If you can't find the answer you need in our FAQ's please do drop us a line.

We are here to help, mainly during office hours.