Saturday 3rd June 2017, Shobrooke Park, Exeter

Welcome to The Garden.


We're excited to welcome guests through the twilight hours of 1st June to what will be a bespoke banquet of music, entertainment and experience summoning the end of the beginning of summer.

We'll guide you through a soundtrack of musical delight coupled with a scattering of experiential venues and a side of English country delight... Expect main stage moments right through to intimate sessions from a wondrous, curious and elusive cast of artists, troubadours and Gardeners. EGB 2019 is here.


Where's the party at?

The Enchanted Garden Ball 2019 will be held in the beautiful lakeside gardens of Shobrooke Park Country House.

Set in 800 acres of rolling hills and woodland the house, built in 1820, now plays host a select handful of festivals and private events and will be home to your Enchanted Garden Ball 2019.

The Enchanted Garden Ball - 2019
Shobrooke Park Country House. Shobrooke Park. Crediton. Devon. EX17 1DG



We’re closing roads, drafting in a crack team of travel specialists and have even had a new bypass built. Ok, the last one may not have been us, but in short your journey to and from the garden will be smooth sailing. Here's everything you need to know about all things travel...

+ Where can I buy travel tickets?

Travel tickets can be purchased alongside standard entry tickets. Click here for the ticket page.

+ What about RETURN TRAVEL?

Coaches will be running on a shuttle basis from the Garden back to Exeter from 11pm. If you’re a ‘lights-on’ player the last coach will be returning to Exeter at 2.30am. THERE MAY BE A WAIT TIME. PLEASE WRAP UP WARM as you may have to wait outside for a short while.

+ How long will I have to wait for a coach?

At peak times you may have to wait for up to an hour. We have 24 coaches working as shuttles. We will try to get people on coaches as quick as possible but please be patient and look after your fellow man.

+ Is there a toileT on the coach?

There may not be a toilet on the coach so please relieve yourself before boarding.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the coaches and any bootleggers may be searched and alcohol will be confiscated. You may be searched by our friendly security and steward team. If you refuse consent to a search you may be refused entry to the event.


There will be no provision made for parking at the garden and for other gardeners’ safety we strongly recommend you do not attempt to drive to the event. Why not have a beer and catch the coach, tickets are available here.

If you are arriving by Taxi you will be dropped approximately 100m from the Garden Gates so please be prepared for a short walk. Any Taxi’s returning to Exeter after the event will also be available from this drop-off point.

We advise booking taxi's early as they get very busy during this period.